I'm a medical communications specialist who focuses on content development, editing, marketing, branding, educational materials, print and online media.


My Skills

Proactive, data-driven strategist, licensed physician, and Harvard-educated journalist with extensive experience supporting time-sensitive projects, exceptional skills in leveraging social media platforms to build brand recognition and drive client success, and a track record of delivering award-winning medical education programs.

I found Dr. Wong to be a thorough and diligent writer who worked with a variety of staff members to produce her best stories. But in particular, I found that her enthusiasm for refining her craft and willingness to go the extra mile in her work distinguished her as an asset to the organization.
— Dan Childs, Health Editor, ABC News

What I've Achieved

  • Healthcare journalist who has authored over 35 articles for ABC World News, Forbes, and the Huffington Post.
  • Medical educator who has taught blogging skills to healthcare students and medical professionals.
  • Social media expert with a LinkedIn profile that ranked in the top 1% most viewed profiles in 2012 and a Klout score rating in the top 10% of social media users in 2014.
  • Medical consultant for "Curiosity," an Emmy-nominated series on Discovery Channel.
  • First recipient of the Canadian Medical Association Award for Young Leaders for creating a regional health promotion program.
  • Medical communicator who has presented health topics to thousands of people of diverse ages and backgrounds.